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There is a very strange thing when it comes to trends. That is: do the trends have to build our style? Are they part of our style, even personality? When I talk like this about a trend I think of those who are most represented. Because the style itself many times can tell more for the person. Do we create trends or they us !? “Trend” generally should mean “a general direction in which something is developing or changing” , with that many people’s routes.

Do we create trends or trends us !?

It is generally known that when something is a trend is well thought out and modern. Modern? Always? Not so sure. Here we have a small problem. There are people who think that what’s always shown is really modern. It may sound cliché, but there are people who will never understand it or at least be a little less obsessed with trends. It is not the most important thing, nor will it ever be. People are obsessed with what is modern and up-to-date. Most of them want to have everything that is displayed and modern at that moment, and sometimes even buy some fakeS (unfortunately) . It would all look better if you combine it stylistically with even less budget brands. The brands had nothing to do with your style and taste.

I’ll take an example. Let it be the “clear/transparent/PVC shoe trend”. When you are thinking of buying these shoes, will you buy because you really like them or because you see the shoes everywhere? I think more will match the second part of the answer, which does not mean that there are not people who really like them (they are rare). There are people who buy everything from a “shop window”. There are people who do not care at all about the fit guide, but they must have the clothes at all costs. Here is a new issue and a new topic. That tells MUCH more about the man himself. If you think a little more you will see who is the person who just wants to “show at any cost”. It is not good. This means that fashion should never be placed in second place, on the contrary ! In many situations says a lot about a person. I love those people who always choose what they want (whether it’s trend or not), or those who have their own seal. It tells how a person does not have complexes. Only then do you attract attention and you are your own. One more question: Is everyone his own when he wears only what is displayed on a shop? What do you think? Think about it when you shop next time. I know that you need a lot of courage to wear what you want and be yourself, but gather courage. Make a decision. That’s how you run, and only then it will last.

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Boyana Keko

Boyanakeko is current student at the Faculty of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome. She is editor-in-chief and author at Vitae Moderna. ✉️ boyanakeko@vitaemoderna.com

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