The most specific trends from men’s fashion week FW 2019-20

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We can say that 2019 started with men’s fashion. Specifically, it started with a men’s fashion week for FALL-WINTER 2019. What is most interesting is that men’s fashion is becoming more topical in the world of fashion, and more attention is given and discussed. About that more with #VMstylist .

Speaking of men’s fashion trends and summarizing trends of men’s fashion week is always interesting, at least for me. I always expect something new, and yet authentically from the designers, that’s what makes me happy and excited.


This trend is not quite new, but those designers who want to keep it as a trend is well placed in new collections and with that create even greater specific trends.
valentino-2-men-fw 2019


Another significant trend that continues as a leading trend in the coming seasons, puffer.
les hommes-puffer-men-fw 2019
Les Hommes – Puffer jacket


Another thing that continues as a trend in this year is also one of my favorites. There is almost no designer who has not inserted this trend in his collection.
les hommes-men-2-fw-2019


The renowned Versace, who restored this trend, continues to conquer all fashion lovers.
versace-3-vm-fall 2019


I think there will be a day when men will wear only sneakers or wear some sort of sneakers-elegant shoes and for elegant editions. I will be happy!! This is something I love the most when it comes to all the trends here.
y-3-vm-fall 2019


This is what I mentioned above. This is a trend that I personally prefer, and I love it very much when men carry it. I hope that a whole year will also be a trend.
versace-4-vm-fall 2019


What is a trend among women is more appearing in men, but I must say that it stands well if it combines good.
louis vuitton-vm-fall 2019

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