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Lately, many important news come from the fashion world. Especially when it comes to leather and fur. Here the question arises: How the real fur and leather go slowly in history? Also how and why more designers ban this “trend”, or reject to use the real fur and leather. The latest brand in a series that gave up using fur, but also on using exotic animal skins is Chanel. Frankly, personally I am very pleased and happy that I hear more such good news. So now I decided to write about how people who are addicted of wearing this can replace them with many more modern pieces of clothing.


We all know that lately the trend is a print. But to understand, prints, and not always true print. Of course you can live without a real print, or a print in general, but I will now list and separate you a few things and fashion facts that are very important, and they work without real leather and fur. When winter and cold days come, people generally think about leather and fur. Some want to wear only the real fur, some have no problem with it, or in no case carry the real fur, or at all fur. How to get rid of wearing these two things? It is so simple, don’t buy them!! Buy other fashion pieces. There are many things in which you will look beautiful. Coats, jackets, pants, accessories. The fashion world is so advanced that you can literally find everything for your own taste.




Something that is most discussed and I will take as a single example now. Earlier, perhaps the biggest fashion was to wear real fur and leather, but not today. Now it does not matter if you wear the real fur or not, on the contrary, it is no longer in vogue, and it is not humane.

Try to be simple, it does not need a lot of money, and no fur and leather!

Alla prossima!


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Boyana Keko

Boyanakeko is current student at the Faculty of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome. She is editor-in-chief and author at Vitae Moderna. ✉️ boyanakeko@vitaemoderna.com