“Makeup Means Power” – Lina Mourey Interview

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Makeup is considered to be cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance. When it comes to that, the first thing that comes to our mind is beauty, perfect face and skin. Whether it’s more or less makeup, we all want to know how to make a good makeup, and with that appearance. But, sometimes for special occasions, it must be done by professionals, because we are not all professionals about it. Many trends are changing, and lately a growing trend is “pure skin” and let’s say a natural makeup look, but certainly not for all occasions.

About all these topics, and some other current trends and tips I talked with Lina Mourey, artist from Los Angeles. Lina deservedly is more successful in her profession, and in the following, read some tips from her, and why the makeup is power for her!

1. What means makeup for you?

   LM: Makeup means power…to be able to use makeup to enhance your beauty is powerful. I have always been one to go a little beyond the “less is more”, because makeup is so much fun and it can really make us look so different in a good way. I think it’s so important  for all women to know how to execute their own face, whether it be with more or less makeup…it’s a powerful tool.

2. Which products are must-have for a glowing skin?

LM: A good glow starts with a good skin prep, it’s all about how you are prepping the skin and what you are using. I think  Maccosmetics fix + is a must have,  Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow is stunning  on all skin types, it has anti-aging properties and light diffusers that blur away lines, it makes any skin type glow effortessly. Milk Makeup cooling stick  is infused  with seawater and caffeine is helps plumps the skin and preps it for a perfect canvas. I like to use these 3 to start the process of a good glow then building with other products like Iconic London illuminator  on the high points of the face blending with my fingers and damp beauty blender.

3. Which products are must-have for A/W 2018 season?

LM: Must haves for A/W 2018 is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist : I love setting all my makeups with this, because this time of year can be dry it helps give a little freshness to the finish. Laneige lip sleeping mask: I like to put this on first thing so by the time I get to the lip they are hydrated plump and ready for application.

4.  What makeup trend is your favorite right now?

LM: I honestly don’t keep up with trends as much, a good fluffy natural brow is my favorite and I’ve always loved a good fresh glow on the skin and a glossy lip.

5. Less or more makeup?

LM: I like a little bit more than less…If that makes any sense!! I feel like we shouldn’t be scared to try things, but definitely no need to pack product on. There is a happy medium for me, I try to make every makeup I do look at natural and skin like ass possible…that is something I strive to master with each look!

6. Which is the main ingredient to make a perfect base for makeup?

LM: What makes a perfect makeup is amazing skin, that’s why I always use more that enough skin preparation and make sure the skin looks good before even applying a base/foundation, it’s important to run a micellar toner on the face first thing to gently exfoliate before applying skin care then let your skin products dry before goindg into applying foundation!

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