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Mini. Whether it’s a bag or sunglasses, this is a trend who won the whole world. Now we will talk about the fashionable mini bags. Bags that are definitely a favorite among all today. In all possible releases, and all possible models and for all occasions.



These stylish and mini bags unfortunately not collect a lot of things, but their design “suffers” literally everything. You can collect your cellphone, wallet, keys and perhaps something else, some lipstick or gloss. Interesting and very trendy is that you can wear these bags in simple combinations, but also in very festive. They fit with dresses, and with trendy jeans, or a good jacket and coat. When it comes to colors and shades it’s definitely unimportant. Whether it’s oval or square, it’s your choice to fit it.

This is also a great chance for those girls who are not fans of big bags or simply do not carry bags. Apart from being very fit these bags are very beautiful to look at, that is beautiful to the eye. That makes them to be another trend that will surely last a lot more. Also very important thing is that apart from high-end brands you can also find very affordable prices for these bags. Since sporty and trendy have merged, it’s the same thing with the bags. You can fit them in into many sporty-trendy combinations.

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Boyana Keko

Boyanakeko is current student at the Faculty of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome. She is editor-in-chief and author at Vitae Moderna. ✉️