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Following the latest fashion news from H&M and MOSCHINO I decided that the very first VMstylist post would be associated with this collaboration. Why? You will surely all wonder how I will connect and fit into this article, but it has, a huge connection. This time I will be your stylist connected with this collection.

H&M is a fashion house that each year makes a haute couture collaboration with someone, this year it is Moschino. We are all huge fans of H&M, and of course, MOSCHINO. Each of us will want and will certainly buy some fashionable piece from this collaboration. Through this post I will try in some way to show you my favorites and combinations that you can wear with the unique fashion pieces from #HMOSCHINO, so let’s start!

“It should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh.” – Jeremy Scott , hm.com


Jeremy Scott & Gigi Hadid
ph: hm.com

The MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection you will be able to buy starting November 8 online and in selected stores.



ph: hm.com


ph: vogue

Definitely, my favorite pieces of the collection are short jackets, and METALLIC. I can not fall behind and leather details, and over knees boots that certainly can be combined with most pieces of this collection. Eco fur is also one of the GOALS of this collection, which can be combined with all the pieces, but also with jewelry. The recognizable style of Moschino can be recognized in the accessories of this collection. From chokers with a sign of Moschino on them, and certainly Moschino belts to hats. But, what about the excellent glitter shorts? And top? Definitely yes, in combinaton with boots and sneakers, whatever. Boots and jackets are also fashion pieces that mark this collection. Boots worn by Naomi and Bella will surely be a hit and trend in the coming period. In this collection you will definitely find everything to your taste, there are fashion details from prints to metallic, glitter and leather. Since 2018 is marked with the trend of sneakers and high socks, the trend continues in the next year, and this collection has to offer us another such trend with this so-called accessory, but also in combination with short boots.

Whether you agree with my favorites, I hope you will find your favorite pieces and combine to your taste, but in the BEST way !

Alla prossima!



ph: vogue


ph: vogue

Alla prossima!


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