Despite women, and men must also ALWAYS pay attention to their skin care during the summer and during the winter. Men‘s skin is also sensitive during the cold days, and without appropriate protection, or care, may have major damage, because the cold weather can be dangerous in the same way like the sun. You don’t need a reminder for that. Most men today, suffer from dry skin due to cold days and weather, and the protection for the skin is mandatory. There are some effective tips in dealing with dry skin during the cold days.

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  1. Take fewer and quicker warm showers (not hot water).
  2. Use soap (gentle soap). Buy a soap without perfumes, antibacterial components, because they can damage your skin, or rais red flags, look for soaps with natural ingredients.
  3. Use moisturiser for dry skin. There is no reason to not use moisturizer if you are a man. This is very important for your skin, especially during the cold days. Find a moisturiser for your skin type.
  4. Drink a lot of water (and you can look to eat more vegetables and fruits with high water content).
  5. EXFOLIATING is fundamental.
  6. USE SPF – you must be using SPF during the all year, because the UV rays are hitting always your skin.
  8. Take care of your FACIAL HAIR.


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