We believe that you have already noticed how normal sneakers have changed the shape. With odd lines, big tires and for someone not really pleasing to the eye. Obviously, 2018 will be the year of ugly shoes. This trend is so “ugly” that it’s good. The previous year and the new one is the “ugly” year, for sneakers. This trend is everywhere, you can see it, starting from the streets and ending on the feet of celebrities and trendsetters. This trend gives us a huge throwback with the trends from the ’90s child, and this year is of course, year of the ’90s trends and ’80s. Wearing sneakers takes a great part of you look, especially if you are a trendsetter, or want to get in touch with the latest trends.

It is impossible to avoid them because they are worn by all the stars. You can combine them with absolutely everything – from jeans, to dull dresses and elegant pants, from minimalism to every style type.

balenciaga ugly sneakers 2
Balenciaga sneakers
yeezy sneakers
Yeezy sneakers

Ugly sneakers add men’s note to every outfit, and your choice is whether you want them or hate them

Yeezy Mud Rat 500’s

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